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Useful English shopping vocabulary!
13 enero · Noticias

Useful English shopping vocabulary!

Go shopping: go to shops to buy things

Do the shopping: weekly/monthly shopping

Grocery shopping: shopping for food items

Bargain hunting: searching for bargains

Window shopping: just looking, not buying

Shop around: compare prices before buying

Spend money on sth: Use money to buy sth or pay for sth

Shop online: shop on the internet

On sale: at a reduced price

For sale: available to buy

A wallet: a money/card holder

A receipt: paper proo of a purchase

A price tag: thing that shows the price

A bargain: a good value product

A shopaholic: someone who loves shopping

A fitting room: a place to try on clothes

Try sth on: try clothes before buying them

Take sth back: return an unwanted item to the shop

Get a refund: get money back after returning an item

In cash/by card: Use cash or credit card to pay

Waste money on sth: Unnecessarily spend money on sth

Splash out on sth: spend a lot of money on something

Retail therapy: the act of shopping in order to feel better

A good deal: if something is a good deal, paid a low price

Outlet mall: Both have many stores in one location